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Getting Started with Kera

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Kera

How should I use Kera?

You should identify key workflows and experiences your most active users have in your application. Then, create missions for new users to help them along the same path.

The Metrics Dashboard helps you determine what people are doing, what they want to do, and where they're getting stuck, allowing you to re-think your application experience.

Okay, I signed up for a demo. Now what?

Too Long; Didn't Read:

You should watch our getting started video – it does a great job of walking you through setting up Kera and collecting data.

Long Answer:

Login into Kera and create a new mission.

There's three steps to getting your mission live. First, give it a name. Second, define what happens when a user clicks on the mission from their getting started widget. (This can be running a javascript, redirecting to URL, etc.) Lastly, define what happens when the user completes the mission.

Then, you'll need to add the Goal to the approprate place in you application to let Kera know when the mission is completed by your user. Once that's done and your users start completing missions, head back to Kera's Metrics page to see how they're doing.

Can I customize the Kera Widget?

There is no theming system in Kera, but feel free to customize the CSS as you wish. Unfortunately, we can't provide any support for customization at the moment.


Will Kera be compatible with our app?

Kera is compatible with most applications. You should try it out.

Is Kera going to slow down our site’s performance?

No, Kera's considerate and loads after your site loads. It won't slow you down.

How much data does Kera load once it’s embedded?

Kera loads ~35k of client libraries when the script has been embedded on your page.

Do you have an API?

Not at the moment.

Will Kera work on mobile browsers?

Kera is not optimized for mobile browsers, but should work the same way it does on your desktop browser.

What browsers do you support?

We test Kera in all modern browsers: IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Feel free to send bug reports to support@kera.io.

Does Kera collect my user data?

Kera only collects personally identifiable information you explicitly send to us using kera.track, kera.identify, and kera.nickname.

See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Our software is on-premises. Can we install Kera on our servers?

Nope. Sorry.

What kind of analytics can I see?

You can track users as they complete missions, allowing you to see how much progress they are making in your application.

With these insights, you can determine what's resonating with your users, which parts of your app need re-thinking.

How do I track the missions I created?

See Tracking Missions for examples of different ways to track missions in your web application.


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