Kera’s Definitive List of Top 50 Best Product Tour Videos

It’s the year 2013! But still, nothing on the web can create excitement and send a message like videoI think as businesses, we all realize the merits of having an explainer video or product video. They’re amazing vehicles for your product and brand.

If you’re an analytical person who wants to see some hard data, Kissmetrics found: Viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. And more data

So let’s make one!

The Quest

In our quest to find the best explanatory video production companies, we did some research to see who was making all these great videos for big and small companies alike. In our research, we found there are a lot of small video production shops that can get the job done, but only a handful of them are in the premier leagues. You’ll find them listed here.

If you want to play in the pens of Apple and AirBnB, you might want to check out who made their videos and get in touch. (Credits shown under each video.) If cost is an issue, find a company that can make the style you’re looking for, whether it’s stop motion, animation, hand-drawn, or live action. There are lots and lots of them.

You can find a local one by searching on Google. For example, check out the Common Craft Explainer Video Network. They helped Dropbox. 

Another thing I noticed is almost all explainer videos are hosted on Vimeo and/or YouTube; now Wista is getting quite popular. Some companies like Facebook and GoInstant use Amazon, Akamai, or VidYard.

In Part 2, you’ll find videos 26-50 and resources on how to make your own explainer videos.

This content is fully accurate as of Jan 30th, 2013.

Kera’s Top 50 Product Overview Explainer Videos
Part 1 | Part 2

The Top 1-25

1. Google Wallet (Concept Video and How It Works Video) Who made it:

Who made it: and 
The campaign won quite a few awards including a Webby.

2. Foursquare Concept VideoWho made it:
It’s awesome. Watch it.
 Full Screen.

3. Dropbox Explainer VideoWho made it: 
They talk about its success 

4. AirBnB Welcome VideoWho made it:
She’s just chilling. Read the discussion about this video on Quora.

5. Spotify iPad Product VideoWorks with:
Who made it: Johannes Ring (In-House) 
Great use of music. Obviously.

6. Dollar Shave Club Welcome VideoWho made it:
This is funny shit. Viral.

7. CrazyEgg Explainer Video Who made it:

8. Square Product VideoWho made it:

9. Apple iPad Product VideoWho made it:

10. Venmo Concept VideoWho made it:

11. Box Intro & Crunchies Video Who made it:

12. Facebook Like Explanatory VideoWho made it:

13. PadMapperWho made it:

14. Mint Web Product Overview VideoWho made it:

15. Trello Product Overview VideoWho made it: In-house?

16. Hipmunk Hotels Launch VideoWho made it:

17. SkyDrive How It Works VideoWho made it:

18. Google (Chrome OS) Concept VideoWho made it:

19. Klout Explainer VideoWho made it: In-house?

20. Amazon Cloud Drive Intro VideoWho made it:

21. Google (Google Plus) Product VideoWho made it:

22. Trulia iPhone Demo VideoWho made it:

23. SendGrid Product Tour VideoWho made it:

25. GoInstant Product Tour VideoWho made it:

Honourable mentions:

These guys also have nice videos but they didn’t make the top 25 list this time.

See the Top 26-50 videos in our Part 2.

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