Ever wonder what the first time user experience is like for the top game on Facebook? Zynga Poker is the top game and in the video I’ll take you through their game tutorial.

Having never really played poker, I thought they did a great job of getting me to learn the game and to feel confident about playing it. Unlike Pet Party which uses a simple pointer for onboarding, this game’s tutorial is almost exactly like the Kera Step-by-Step Tutorial.??

Zynga Poker Game Tutorial

Similarities with Kera Step-by-Step Tutorials:

  • Both use subtitles for narration and guidance.
  • Both use next button to advance the tutorial.
  • Both point to and highlight elements in the game or web application.
  • Both ask users to take action such as clicking on things.
  • No audio required.


  • Kera doesn’t have a hot avatar chick.
  • Kera doesn’t have a back button.
  • Kera doesn’t have a hover-over layer that explains stuff. (See step 4 of Zynga Poker tutorial.)
  • Kera doesn’t have a tutorial overview progress bar.??

By the way, if you haven’t seen a Step-by-Step Kera tutorial and have no idea what I’m talking about go to our home page and find and click on the word “maintain.” Kera is a platform that allows web applications to easily build interactive tutorials for their web applications to onboard users the way games do.


Do you like Pet Party’s onboarding experience or Zynga’s better? How does your web application onboard users? Do you think there’s anything you can take from these game designers to make your onboarding better???

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—- by Taige (@taigeair)