Kera 2.0 – Your Very Own Get Started Widget

Taige Zhang

Today we’re announcing our new product, an out-of-the-box Get Started Widget for your web application.


In the past year, we’ve been honing our tutorial product, which is similar to WalkMe but more media rich. In the process we realised something: people didn’t like to be guided the way we wanted to guide them.

Our data shows 50% of users automatically dismiss a message to start a walkthrough. A/B testing showed no significant boost in conversions from many of our customers who implemented tutorials. And they were blaming themselves and spending more time on improving the tutorials, instead of improving their design and UX. 

Then we backed up a bit and realised there’s a better way to convert users into active users. Let them do it themselves. Help the users discover your application. Help them only when they ask for help. 

What is it? 

The completion meter (a type of progress bar) is a tactic used by many web applications to help new users onboard. You’ve seen it on Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Dropbox. But it’s not only the big players who use it - many startups and SaaS companies do as well. Unfortunately, they have to build it themselves.

They’re not experts at it. They have to do research and learn a lot. Copy a lot. They’re starting from scratch. It’s expensive to build. Worst of all, it’s hard to maintain for devs. And, we noticed that analytics is usually left out. That’s horrible.

It sucks to build it in-house, but guess what? People are doing it because they need it.  Now imagine if there was an out of the box solution.

We’ve built it. 

LinkedIn’s progress bar. DropBox’s Get Started task list. That’s what Kera Missions is. It’s the “Get Started” widget for everyone.

Build missions for your users to help them fall in love with your app. See exactly which users are doing what. Modify your missions and product based on real-time analytics.

It’s really powerful. See what users truly enjoy doing. Get users to do things. Add rewards. Isn’t that cool?

Ready to get started?

This easy to implement Get Started Widget can be set up by marketers and then installed in 10 minutes with the help of a developer. Create missions for your users and see who’s completing them!

See the new Kera!



Product Marketing at Kera