User Engagement Advice from a Behavioral Neuroscientist, a Googler, and a Design Professor

**Part of Leveraging Great Game Design in Web Apps Blog Series

I’ve picked out 3 important lectures by some of the smartest people in the interaction design vertical for web onboarding and user engagement. If you’re interested in gamification and user experience for your web application, this is highly recommended reading! 

1. The Neurosciencist

Amy Kim is the CEO of ShuffleBrain, a game design studio that designs puzzles and games for a variety of industries from business to education. She holds a P.hD in Behavioral Neuroscience and has worked for eBay, Netflix, eBay, and NASA.

This is her influential presentation on “Designing the Player Journey”.

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2. The Googler

Nadya Direkova is a Senior UX Designer and Game Mechanic at Google. She also holds a M.S. degree from M.I.T. and B.A. from Amherst College.

This is her talk about “16 Design Patterns for User Engagement”.

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Or watch the video if you have time:

3. The Design Professor

Chris Risdon is an experience designer working at Adaptive Path and a professor at Austin Center for Design.

This is his keynote about “Applying Behavior Design”.

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– Written by Taige Zhang