Friendly Reminders While Crafting an Onboarding Experience

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Susan Lin, a Visual UX Designer currently at Trulia in San Francisco. In addition to crafting designs, she also posts sketchnotes of various talks from the tech and design world. Say hi @bysusanlin

When will your target audience wish for your product?

They say the best way to discover a start-up idea isn’t to seek it, but rather, live it. Words of Paul Graham also dictate if it’s a problem you’re having yourself (and even better, willing to pay for it yourself), you’re onto something.

The first pass at onboarding comes before the moment your user even sees your landing page – where can you insert yourself in that moment? “Has someone already written a library or made a service where I could make an inline tutorial?” Ensure you’re at the top of the search results, or the first breath of a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Charm them

What makes you different? How do you strike the first impression?

In the case of a start-up, one has to prioritize work, but don’t make the mistake of underpriotizing your landing page, the one meant to net your users. There’s a lot under the hood in the first impression. Do whatever you can to make the page attractive, looks matter

Don’t lose them

Over deliver. Engage with your first users and treat them well. Listen to their suggestions. Reassure improvements are underway and will be fulfilled. Your first users are precious. They’re there because they already believe such a product should exist.

Keep on looking outwards

These reminders are all about looking inwards and refining your product, but don’t forget to look outwards. Keep a sharp eye out for patterns others are employing. Keep a growing list of the rememberable ones.

Note: These opinons are my own and not of my employer.