Farewell Kera

Max Cameron

EDIT: We’ve had a number of inquiries about??licensing Kera’s technology. Please email max at kera dot io if you’re interested. ????

It???s always difficult to share bad news, but the best way to undertake that difficult task is to do it quickly.

One month from today, we???ll be shutting down the servers for both Version 1 (interactive walkthroughs) and Version 2 (The Get Started Widget). This should give all of our existing customers enough time to remove Kera from their apps.

I think it???s important to explain the reasons we???re making this decision:

Kera is deeply integrated into other applications, and we found ourselves dependent on our customers??? product development cycles. As a result, we couldn???t collect data or feedback fast enough to make progress. ????

If Kera had delivered enough value, we could have overcame those problems and our customers would have gone through the pain of integration. However as it turns out, the Get Started Widget didn???t deliver enough value for serious commitment.

And lastly, we took a step back and looked at what we would have to build to deliver enough value to overcome those obstacles. And we just couldn???t deliver those features with the resources available to us.

To Our Team

I want to thank the team that joined us in this journey. Chris, Joey, Taige and Dave - thank you for everything you did along the way. You are a remarkable team, and we can???t wait to see what your next moves are. We couldn???t have accomplished what we did without you, and we???re sorry that things didn???t work out the way we wanted them to.

To Our Customers

To our customers who used our barebones products, who invested time and resources into integration, who spent hours giving us feedback and helping us make the product better, I want to say thank you. You are truly visionary customers, and I only hope that you continue to give new companies a chance when they???re trying to solve a pain point you have.

So What???s next?

Kera???s founding team isn???t ready to pack it in just yet. In fact, we???ve reflected on everything we???ve learned over the past 9 months, and we???re hard at work cooking something special for you all to enjoy.

Find me on twitter if you want to stay up to date on what we???re working on.??


Max and the Kera team